Online marketing technologies are more prolific than ever. Making sales and expanding your customer base is inextricably tied to the effective marketing of your business, and there are countless platforms on which to do it.

Display advertising is no new phenomenon, but the technology has improved over time, making them more effective than ever. Gone are the days when marketers had to liaise for space on relevant sites and pay over the odds for their impressions. Now, there are multiple benefits to using display ads as part of your strategy – here are a few good reasons to do so.

You can geo-target them

If you offer a local service, you can restrict your audience to those located within a certain radius. This means your ads will be displayed to a highly relevant market that can access your service easily. If you have a company with several physical locations, you can similarly target each one with specific content and a relevant phone number on the advert.

Gain trust

Display advertising is as much about brand awareness and gaining a potential customer’s trust as it is about making sales. By having your ads appear to pertinent markets, they become familiar with your brand even if they’re not at the point of wanting to buy your product. Simply reminding them you’re there can induce them to recognise your name when they search for a product you sell – since they will have heard of you by then there’ll be an implicit trust of your offering.

They’re great for remarketing

Display remarketing is an effective way of continuing to communicate with people who have looked at a page on your site but not converted. You can tailor the content to display the product or service they checked out and reinforce your messaging at the same time. Remarketing can deliver excellent results if done properly, so you could see a positive impact on your sales.

You can target your consumers’ interests

A good marketer knows what their audience looks like – the kind of places they shop, the newspapers they read and what their interests are. Display ads can be placed alongside content that can reasonably be expected to be of interest to them, or alongside content that is somehow related that of the ad. If you’re selling weed killer, for example, you might place ads on gardening websites and perhaps wildlife and nature ones. Banner ads that appear alongside relevant content are more likely to be clicked on than those placed on irrelevant sites.

You can split test them

Testing is a major part of refining a marketing campaign, and display ad content is easy to A/B test. Often you can get actionable results within a relatively short period too, enabling you to improve the content or context of your adverts faster. That means less money spent on the exercise too.

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Jon is the founder of the Search Mechanics, specialist PPC agency based in Kent.
He has worked in the PPC industry for over 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things related to online paid search including Google Ads and Bing Ads, he also has a thorough understanding of ad server systems as well as Google Analytics.