How to interpret your PPC report properly!

How to interpret your PPC report properly The monthly PPC report. So full of data yet so mysterious in many ways. As a PPC agency in Kent, we send out our fair share of reports – and try to make them as enlightening as possible. But if you are looking at the month’s results from […]

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Goodbye to Google Ads Average Position

The end of the average position You may, like us, have been doing PPC a long time. You may be comfortable with the new Google Ads interface, with the ins and outs of campaign management, and the key metrics. But wait, Google is now ditching average positions? How are you supposed to track you ad […]

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Choosing The Right PPC Agency

How to choose the right PPC agency for your business? So, you want to invest in some Pay Per Click marketing. Great! But how do you go about choosing an agency to manage it for you and are there any red flags you should look for in the process? Here, we outline a few questions […]

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Dynamic Search Ads & How They Can Work For Your Business

Dynamic search ads: capturing the customers you didn’t know about Consumers are unpredictable. Sometimes, they come to your website having searched for terms you never would have thought of in a month of Sundays. Unsure what to do about that? Enter dynamic search ads. This clever form of advertising captures customers making those unusual searches […]

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How to get a Google Ad Grant for your charity/ non profits organisation

Want to know how charities can get £7,500 of free Google ads – each month?  Calling all charities and non-profits – did you know that you might be eligible for around £7,500 of free advertising from Google each month? Philanthropic organisations can apply for Google Ad Grants, which provides a daily grant of $329 – […]

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We’ve achieved Google Premier Partner status

  At The Search Mechanics, we like to ensure we’re always at the top of our game, so we’re proud to announce that we’ve achieved Premier Google Partner Status. That means we’ve demonstrated a higher level of expertise in Google Adwords, met the Google ad spending requirements and delivered sustainable growth across our client base. […]

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PPC Audits – When and why you need them!

There’s no such thing as a perfect PPC account. Even for us at The Search Mechanics. Markets are fickle, demands change, products change, platforms change – there’s always opportunity to keep tweaking and improving. For that reason, PPC audits are a necessity if you’re going to stay on top of your account management. What is […]

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5 Great Things About Display Advertising

Online marketing technologies are more prolific than ever. Making sales and expanding your customer base is inextricably tied to the effective marketing of your business, and there are countless platforms on which to do it. Display advertising is no new phenomenon, but the technology has improved over time, making them more effective than ever. Gone […]

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The benefits of remarketing with Google Ads

Most marketers agree that customers must be exposed to your brand and/or advert several times before making the decision to convert. They’ll familiarise themselves with your company, check out your products, shop around and maybe come back. Repetition and reinforcement is therefore key when targeting them. Whether it takes three or thirty exposures, you need […]

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Why brand bidding is an essential part of PPC

It’s a question that many clients (rightly) ask of PPC experts: why waste money bidding on branded terms that are successfully returning organic results? Won’t paid ads cannibalise my organic traffic? These are fair queries and, on the surface, it seems fruitless to spend when you could be getting clicks for free. But there are […]

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