Addland – GTM Case Study

Addland – GTM Case Study

Addland has thousands of quality land listings, marketed by hundreds of agents. It’s one of the things that makes us the single destination for land.

About the brief

A complex Google Tag Manager build

Through one of our partners, Growth Division, we started work with Addland – a ground-breaking company making it easy to find, research, buy or sell land.

Ahead of the launch of their innovative land platform, Addland needed a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective tracking solution in place ready for go-live. 

This would be the foundation for the extensive tie-in digital marketing campaigns, so it was imperative that it was right first time and worked from day one. Additionally, it needed to provide a degree of product analytics data to better understand user behaviour and key growth areas.

THE challenges

Addland is a complex and highly capable tool, with a vast number of potential datapoints, and multiple paths to conversion. The tracking solution needed to capture all the most valuable data, and feed this into the relevant platforms for measurement and analysis.

The platform was new, with changes and tweaks being rolled out throughout the year. The tracking needed to be stable, whilst being flexible enough to accommodate any changes without extensive rework.

There were multiple stakeholders with different priorities and requirements. Part of the tracking work involved managing these needs and expectations and implementing a solution that worked for everyone.

Any data captured needed to be passed and stored in a consistent, logical way that could be accessed and analysed by both technical and non-technical users.

Pre-setup & Actions for Addland – GTM Case Study

  • Our top priorities were to understand the client’s requirements, and understand the complexities of the Addland platform. These first steps were critical to the success of the entire project. 
    • Capturing the wrong data, or passing the right data in the wrong format, would have had serious consequences, both for the extensive marketing campaigns that were relying on accurate tracking, and for the Addland team working on developing and improving the site.


  • Based on the client’s requirements, we settled on using Google Tag Manager.
    • With this we could utilise the power of the data layer to accurately and reliably track key event data, as well as pass multiple important supplementary data to each hit.


  • We also decided to use Google Analytics’ enhanced ecommerce feature to compile useful product analytics data in an established and usable format.


  • For the first phase we created an in-depth scoping document detailing what actions would be tracked, what data layer events would need to fire and the variables that would need to be pushed with these, as well as how this data would then be formatted and passed to GA and other platforms.
    • This ensured that the developers had a clear, concise layout of what needed to be done when implementing the data layer elements.
    • It also served as comprehensive documentation for the project so that we had a reference point for both the client and ourselves to return to for future work.

“We successfully delivered a comprehensive, multi-channel tracking solution, ahead of schedule and on budget.”

The project outcomes

The hard work we put into the planning stage more than paid off. The comprehensive documentation and scoping document we created allowed the developers to implement all the tracking in one go, with minimal back and forth communication after the initial stage, and with no rework required.

The tracking solution has been in place for nearly 18 months with no issues or problems. All key stakeholders are able to easily access the key data they need for reporting, and the tracking integrates seamlessly with Google Data Studio for non-technical visibility on all headline metrics.

Crucially, the tracking has been a solid platform for the client’s multi-channel digital marketing efforts, including the paid search campaigns that The Search Mechanics created and ran. The tracking gave us and the other channel agencies the data they needed to effectively and reliably measure and optimise campaign results, maximising the returns on the client’s spend.

Closing thoughts

Despite extensive site changes since go-live, including a complete reskin and revamping of key customer acquisition processes, the tracking has remained solid throughout, and proved flexible enough to accommodate these changes with minimal additional work from ourselves.

Addland have lots of exciting plans on the horizon, but they are confident that they have a reliable and dependable tracking solution underpinning them all and giving them every chance of success.

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