Addland Case Study

Addland Case Study

Addland has thousands of quality land listings, marketed by hundreds of agents. It’s one of the things that makes us the single destination for land.

About the brief

Addland has thousands of quality land listings, marketed by hundreds of agents. It’s one of the things that makes us the single destination for land.

Through one of our partners, Growth Division, we started work with Addland – a ground-breaking company focused on bringing land to life. To coincide with the launch of their innovative land platform, Addland were kickstarting a large, multi-channel digital marketing campaign. At The Search Mechanics, we were tasked with planning, implementing and managing the paid search campaigns.

THE challenges

During the initial growth phase, Addland did not have nationwide coverage. This necessitated the ability to control campaign coverage and spend at a county level.

After this initial phase, however, and once nationwide coverage was achieved, the focus needed to shift to a national strategy, where localisation was not of primary concern. As this was a startup, we needed to achieve very high growth levels, very rapidly.

At the same time, the campaigns needed to be results driven, and we had a challenging cost per result target to hit for the key North Star Metric.

We needed to prove the value of paid search and justify its budget alongside tough competition from other paid channels also being used in the marketing mix.

Pre-setup & Actions for Addland Case Study

As with the extensive tracking solution we were devising and implementing in preparation for the launch, planning was key.

  • We had multiple meetings with stakeholders to determine their specific requirements and priorities, so that we could plan the campaigns accordingly.

To meet the unique challenge posed by the initial localised growth phase followed by a national expansion phase, we settled on a dual phase approach.

  • Phase one allowed full advertising control at a regional level, so additional areas could be enabled as inventory became available.
  • Phase two then switched focus to a national approach, allowing for focus on other key areas to maximise returns and acquisition.

This was supplemented by ongoing management and optimisation, with regular changes to optimise performance, and multiple experiments to test new areas for improvement and growth.

“The campaign data speaks for itself. ”

The project outcomes

Within the first month, the campaigns had greatly exceeded their North Star Metric targets, which we have continued to maintain since launch.

Traffic quality was excellent, with a non-brand CTR of over 30%.

Results were so strong that the client doubled and then tripled their initial Google Ads budget within the first six months. We were able to successfully scale the campaigns without increasing our cost per result.

Closing thoughts

Paid search remains a key platform for Addland, and the success of our campaigns has exceeded their demanding targets, and enabled them to push on with their ambitious growth plans for the coming months and years.

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