Google and Bing Shopping are powered via product feeds, which contain product details such as pricing/ colours/ product description/ product images etc. These are fed from a Merchant centre into the likes of Google Adwords and Bing Ad Centre, where we can then create targeted advertising campaigns.

Shopping ads (also known as image ads or product listing ads), can help drive a great deal revenue for ecommerce business, as long as the campaigns are set up with individual goals in mind.

These shopping campaigns can then be optimised in the same as way as search campaigns, such as using different bidding strategies, negative keywords, geographic bids/ ad scheduling and device bids to name a few.

Google shopping is charged per click, so ensuring we’re as relevant as possible through careful optimisation will help to lower spend, and maximise returns and revenue.

Shopping campaigns will generally perform best when they’re structured in a similar fashion to how the website is laid out, such as relevant product groups/ styles etc. This way we can optimise more efficiently to then gain the best possible results.

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