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Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) enables you to reach potential customers using the Microsoft Search Network, which encompasses Bing and partner sites such as Yahoo! and MSN.com. Although the reach doesn’t match that of Google Ads, it’s a highly effective way to target specific audiences and niche markets.  

Why use Microsoft Advertising? 

Microsoft Advertising is a great choice for those looking for less competition and lower costs per click. Your adverts will be visible over the Bing and Yahoo! search engines, as well as on partner sites, giving you a wider overall reach when used in conjunction with Google Ads.  

As an integral part of Windows 10, Office, Cortana and AOL, Microsoft Advertising gives you access to audiences that may not use Google as much (if at all), including more mature and affluent consumers. With its high level of demographic control too, targeting customers who are more likely to convert is simpler.  

Finally, Microsoft Advertising tends to deliver a better ROI than Google Ads, as costs are lower. This makes it ideal for smaller budgets or for testing the initial demand for a new product.  

Microsoft Advertising with The Search Mechanics 

As an agile PPC specialist, we at The Search Mechanics are experts in Microsoft Advertising, having executed many successful campaigns using the platform. We adhere strictly to best practices and deliver efficient, cost-effective marketing to support your overall strategy. With campaigns tailored to your objectives and a fully transparent service, we’ll ensure your paid marketing exceeds your expectations.  

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