SEO is dead. That’s what many marketers would have you believe. But if this was truly the case, why are millions of businesses around the world still profiting from fully integrated SEO campaigns, that give the company a solid perch at the top of Google?

SEO (otherwise known as search engine optimisation) isn’t a case of smoke and mirrors. It’s not a dark arts illusion that pulls the wool over Google’s eyes and only guarantees short-term gains. Instead, a full scale SEO campaign improves your website, deals with the technical hiccups and incorporates a strategic approach to ensure your business sees a valuable return on investment.

Effectively, SEO campaigns help your website rank well for the search terms your customers are typing into Google. And there are many reasons your businesses should consider SEO.

1.     SEO delivers

If you take nothing else from this page, understand that SEO still works and has its place in the 21st century marketing landscape. Yes, it’s true – SEO has evolved. That means the tactics used 10 years ago no longer warrant the same results. However, today’s digital marketing agencies have moved on and ensured SEO continues to deliver on its promises.

2.     SEO is the future

SEO techniques have been around a long time – and one thing’s for sure, it’s not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. As we’ve mentioned previously, the tactics themselves have changed somewhat over the years – but Google’s algorithms are indeed benefitting websites that have been correctly fine-tuned.

3.     SEO offers a huge market share

Want to beat your competitors to the pudding and start raking in those valued consumers? Then it’s time to get to the top of Google (or at least the first page). If you’re not on page one, your website’s unlikely to be seeing much in the way of organic traffic.

4.     SEO can dominate local search

Google has placed real significance on the importance of local SEO and if you have a well-performing website, you could easily beat some of the household brands to the top of the rankings. You don’t need a huge budget to do this either – just the help and support of an expert team that will help you get climbing.

5.     SEO is used by your rivals

Wondering why your competition is higher in the search results? The answer is likely simple – because they’re focusing on SEO. Remember, successful SEO is an ongoing practice that requires continued tweaks and edits to ensure reaching your expectations. If you’re not making the most of SEO as a valuable marketing tool, the chances are your rivals certainly are.

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