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White label PPC Services

White labelling is a great way to expand your product offering without taking on the extra workload. Here at The Search Mechanics, we offer white label PPC services, giving you the opportunity to offer more to your clients with minimal impact to your in-house team.

White label PPC enables you to offer outsourced pay-per-click advertising to clients under your own

brand name. The campaigns are managed and optimised by a third party, but as far as your clients are

concerned, it’s your company that is providing the service.


At The Search Mechanics, we integrate our efforts with your current offering, ensuring the PPC

campaigns align with all other channels. You can rest assured that your clients will receive a high quality

paid search service with all the support they require. Whether it’s text ads, display ads or Google

Shipping listings, we provide a comprehensive and collaborative package that supports their business


What is White Label PPC?

White Label Tracking


In addition to a fully managed service, we provide specialist tracking services for your campaigns. Our Google Tag Manager (GTM) experts will install and monitor tracking on your behalf, delivering valuable insights and making recommendations. The solution is ideal for project work with limited uptime. 

Our services offer a host of benefits to your agency:


Expertise: Leverage our experience and expertise to deliver high-quality PPC campaigns that help your clients achieve their goals.

Time and resources: Outsourcing PPC management means your in-house team can focus on their strengths, enabling you to deliver in every aspect of your service. 

Scalability: Scale your PPC offering up or down to suit demand, without the headache of recruiting staff.


Branding: Enhance your company’s offering and reputation with tailored PPC solutions.


What are the benefits of white label PPC services?

Why work with us?

As experts in paid marketing, we have worked with a variety of agencies, from branding specialists to PR firms. We are a Google Premier Partner – one of only a handful nationwide – meaning we adhere to strict best practice guidelines and have the knowledge to enhance your clients’ success.  


Our approach is: 

Collaborative – We develop strong working relationships with our partners and integrate with your existing setup, meaning there’s no need to restructure your team.  


Flexible – Whether you want us to interact directly with your clients under your company name, or remain in the background while you manage the relationship, we can adapt our practice to suit your needs.  


Strategic – We focus on your clients’ objectives and will integrate our messaging with existing campaigns across varying channels. 


Cost-Effective – Our pricing model allows us to work with a range of agencies, regardless of their own fee structure.

With over 15 years of experience in paid search management, we can create campaigns for a wide variety of needs and platforms. Whether your client has an e-commerce site that needs Google Shopping listings, or wants to get the most from their social media advertising, we can help. 


We provide traditional text ads, eye-catching display ads, retargeting services and more. Simply get in touch with us to learn more about how we can tailor a PPC solution to your clients’ needs. 



We work with the following platforms to deliver optimal results:

  • Google Ads – Gain maximum exposure through the number one paid search platform 

  • Google/Bing Shopping – Ideal for e-commerce advertising

  • Microsoft advertising – Perfect for selected sectors and audiences

  • Facebook – Reach a wide audience on the world’s largest social media platform

  • LinkedIn – Target businesses and professionals with relevant ads

X (formerly Twitter) – Boost brand awareness with sponsored posts

What Platforms do we offer White Label PPC services for?

How do our white label PPC services work?

When you choose The Search Mechanics, we’ll ensure our campaigns are seamlessly integrated into your existing setup. First we’ll get to know your client and their needs, as well as familiarise ourselves with your current activity and messaging for their account. We’ll then create campaigns that complement your existing strategy and support your client’s goals. After that we’ll optimise and monitor campaigns to ensure they deliver the best possible results, providing reports and recommendations as required. 


What you get 

At The Search Mechanics, we believe in providing a comprehensive and supportive service. When you choose us you will get:


  • A dedicated account manager

  • A proactive and responsive service 

  • A client-focused approach

  • Regular reporting on your chosen metrics

  • Recommendations for improvements

  • Complete transparency over all aspects of our service

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If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your in-house marketing offering with white labelled PPC services, get in touch with us today.


White Label PPC Services FAQs

What are white label PPC services?

White label PPC services refer to outsourcing Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns to a third-party provider who manages and optimises the campaigns on behalf of your agency or brand. These services allow you to offer PPC solutions under your own brand name without revealing the involvement of the external provider.

How do white label PPC services benefit my agency?

White label PPC services offer several benefits for your agency:

  • Expertise: You can leverage the expertise of specialised professionals to deliver high-quality PPC campaigns, even if you lack in-house resources.
  • Time and Resources: Outsourcing PPC management saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on core business activities.
  • Scalability: You can easily scale your PPC offerings without hiring and training additional staff.
  • Branding: You maintain your agency’s branding while offering comprehensive PPC solutions, enhancing your reputation.

How do white label PPC services maintain confidentiality?


White label PPC service providers such as The Search Mechanics operate behind the scenes, using nondisclosure agreements and strict privacy measures to ensure client confidentiality. We do not reveal our identity to your clients and maintain a transparent collaboration, preserving the illusion that the PPC campaigns are managed entirely by your agency.


Can I customise the white label PPC campaigns to align with my clients’ needs?


Yes, reputable white label PPC providers such as The Search Mechanics offer customisation options to tailor campaigns to your clients’ specific requirements. You can collaborate with us to define target audiences, ad copy, keywords, and campaign goals. This flexibility ensures that the campaigns align with your clients’ branding and objectives while delivering optimal results.