The benefits of remarketing with Google Ads

Most marketers agree that customers must be exposed to your brand and/or advert several times before making the decision to convert. They’ll familiarise themselves with your company, check out your products, shop around and maybe come back. Repetition and reinforcement is therefore key when targeting them.

Whether it takes three or thirty exposures, you need to work hard to ensure your business springs to mind when a potential customer thinks of a particular product or service that you offer. So how do you ensure they get that exposure? We look into the benefits of remarketing and how it can help you increase conversions.

Changing messages

With a regular PPC or display advert, you serve one message to all customers regardless of the number of times they’ve visited your website in, say, the past month. What remarketing does is allow you to track when a visitor has been to your site and looked at a particular page and then serve them a message more specific to their browsing history.

For example, let’s say a user reaches your website through a generic advert that mentions beach toys. They then browse several product pages for inflatable pool floats before leaving the site. Remarketing enables you to use that information to then serve that visitor specific ads for inflatable pool floats. It’s relevant to their browsing history and reminds them that you have those products available to purchase whenever they choose.

High conversion rates

The tailored content of the adverts and the increased brand exposure can significantly increase conversion rates. The more users see a remarketing ad, the more likely they are to convert, because trust and familiarity with your brand begin to build in their minds. And because remarketing clicks tend to be cheaper than clicks from more generic PPC or display ads, the cost per conversion and ROI tend to be better too.

Reduced ad fatigue

Ad fatigue refers to the concept that the more a user sees an ad the less likely they are to click on it. Customers are bombarded by advertising from all angles throughout the day – on the radio, the TV and on the internet. If they’re seeing the same thing over and over again, they tire of it and it ceases to have any impact.

With remarketing, ad fatigue occurs at around half the rate than on non-remarketing ads. That means the propensity to convert is higher too.


Remarketing is a flexible form of advertising and can be used across a wide range of channels, from digital display and search advertising to social media. This enables you to adapt your content to suit a variety of intentions. Some messages may work better with an image (say of a product the user has looked at) while others may work better in a text-based format that takes into account the search query and device as well as browsing history.

To find out more about the benefits of remarketing or for expert advice on setting up your own paid campaigns, contact The Search Mechanics today.

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