New Google Ads Interface

Google has revealed it’s introducing a new Adwords interface, which will replace the current version shortly. Soon to be called simply Google Ads, it will reflect the search giant’s new branding from 24 July 2018. As with any new system, it will take time for users to get their heads around and, of course, there are pros and cons which many are talking about already. Let’s take a look at what’s changed and how it should be used.

What’s new?


Well, the first thing any user will notice is that the appearance has changed. The old interface was, to be diplomatic, functional. Now, however, PPC managers are presented with a more attractive and colourful dashboard which is more mobile friendly than the previous iteration. The navigation is more layered too, so that features are grouped into relevant sections rather than being spread out. Finally, the overview page is simpler to customise for at-a-glance metrics that are pertinent to campaigns.

Target audiences

Another big bonus of the new platform is that audience management is easier than before. A dedicated page enables users to optimise audience targeting, and allows for campaigns targeting those who have already engaged with your content to be set up. In addition, some options that were previously exclusive to Display or Search Audience Lists are now available in other lists.

Ad versions

Those who regularly test ads will be pleased to note that the new interface now saves old versions of ads so they can be compared. To view the version history screen, hover next to an ad, click on the pencil icon and select ‘See version history’. Users will be able to see when the adverts were edited, what changed and how they performed.


Some of the terminology has changed with the new interface too, and it’s worth being aware of this in advance. The Dimensions Tab, for example, is now known as Predefined Reports and, under audience targeting types, Target & Bid has become Targeting, while Bid Only has changed to Observations.

Of course, these are just a select few of the changes; others include promotion extensions, household income targeting in search, and call bid adjustments. A full summary of changes can be found on Google’s support website.

Making the switch

Google will be emailing advertisers to let them know they can access the new interface. When signing in, you will see an introductory tutorial that will walk you through the key changes. Initially, you’ll be able to switch between the old dashboard and the new by selecting the spanner icon in the new interface and selecting to return to the previous version or by clicking on the gear icon in the old version and selecting ‘Try the new Adwords’.

The new layout won’t impact the performance or settings of your campaigns. If, however, you’d like a personalised run through of the new Adwords interface for your own account, or to discuss the changes, contact The Search Mechanics today.

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